Meadowbrook Community Association


The MCA was founded on April 5, 2012 and incorporated as a society on May 30, 2012.The impetus for creating the organization was the need for leadership of the community opposition to a proposed quarry that would have blocked public access to Cherry Creek Falls. The MCA successfully:

  • raised $55,000 to purchase the mining claim from the owner
  • convinced the Province to permanently remove 420+acres from the mineral tenure system and to designate the area as a recreation reserveĀ 
  • assisted the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) to create Cherry Creek Falls Regional Park on 40 acres
Cherry Creek Falls


The purpose of the MCA is to preserve and enhance the Meadowbrook and Woods Corner areas for residents and other recreational users by:
a) facilitating communication among the members
b) liaising with other groups and agencies
c) identifying the interests of members and advocating on their behalf
d) organizing activities and events for the benefit of the members.

Winter woods


The MCA operates under the Constitution and Bylaws approved by the Province and a set of Policies and Procedures formulated and adopted by the Board. The MCA is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected at each Annual General Meeting for one-year terms. Ordinarily the AGM is held on the second Tuesday in May. Due to Covid-19, and with the permission of the Province, the 2020 AGM has been delayed. In addition to the AGM, the Board usually holds four regular meetings. Between meetings, directors communicate frequently by email. The MCA is not required to undergo an annual audit, but the Board requires that an annual review of the financial and other records be conducted, and the findings reported in the newsletter.